Mirus Films. A film company dedicated to the telling of eye-opening unique and inspirational storylines.

Founded in 2015, our first project was a film called “Serum 13”. Originally our vision for the project was a runtime of 8 minutes or greater, however, with last minute cast drop outs and production delays, we needed to do a complete revision of the script, narrowing it down to a mere 3 minutes. Even on set we were constantly making script changes because of unprecedented circumstances. The film was shot in one day yet the post-production lasted two and a half months before it was released on YouTube March 29, 2016.

Our next project, “Dolce Vendetta”, shifted the director, writer, and editor, Anthony Riggs, into the genre of comedy. The script for “Dolce Vendetta” was finalized in early June of 2016 so the shoot began July 26 and finished on July 31. The shoot went according to schedule except that due to time constraint the ending of the film needed to be changed. The director Anthony Riggs brainstormed and quickly adjusted the script on set to meet the deadline of that day. The film was quickly assembled in post-production taking only two months to complete. It premiered at the co-star’s birthday party on September 31 and was released the following morning on October 1.

It was during the time of post-production for “Dolce Vendetta” that Anthony Riggs had a concept for a film that would take Mirus Films through a gauntlet of extreme weather: sub-zero temperature, rain, hail and  that would produce literally blood, sweat, and tears. Not to mention many sleepless nights that the post-production crew endured in the days leading up to the Premiere.

The entire goal for “Reach” was to accurately portray salvation in an allegory. The script began with intensive research in order to make sure Mirus Films correctly told the allegory in all aspects of the script. The writing of the script began late July and was finalized on the last day of November 2016. A pre-production cast and crew was quickly assembled and in over just a month, on January 6, 2017 Mirus Films began shooting.

The first day of shooting  was a sign of the many problems to follow. The film slate broke after just a couple shots into the day, the temperature was in the low twenties, and all the footage shot that day ended up being scrapped for reasons of continuity.

At the beginning of day two we received a text from one of our lead actresses that there had been a misunderstanding about scheduling and she was unable to make the shoot. This information was devastating because it snowed nearly 6 inches the first day of the shoot and for continuity we were forced to squeeze a planned 9 day shoot into a 5 day shoot. Months of scheduling had to be adjusted and changed on the spot. The crew worked into the night after each day of shooting in sub-zero temperature to schedule for the next day of shooting.

On Day three of shooting, the temperature peaked to a low of -9 degrees. Several times during the day, the crew had to stop shooting to run around frantically in order to prevent frostbite. Thankfully no one was injured or hurt during this time of shooting.

Day four ran smoother than the previous three days of shooting. The shoot consisted of filming down in the tunnel and gathering footage of the creature and of Thomas on the creek.

For Day five our actress was able to return to the set. We frantically hurried because it was scheduled to rain the next day which would have washed all our snowfall away. Yet, through God’s grace, Mirus Films finished shooting the cliff scenes in the scheduled five days.

Day six the following weekend was a return of more problems as we were shooting the campfire scene in Waynesville, Ohio. The cast and crew was hit with an unprecedented problem of hail and an actress received a bloody nose.

From there on out the last two days of shooting were relatively problem free. Post-production took an unexpected lengthy four months. However, Reach was successfully completed moments before being scheduled to show at the Premiere.

It hasn’t been an easy two years but we all have grown as better and more knowledgeable film makers because of the trials we’ve endured. We are currently working on a film that will be more than quadruple the size of “Reach” called “An Occasion For Time”.